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Yom Rivii, 4 Elul 5778

Welcome to Beit Haverim!

The Path to Membership is a Journey to Deeper Commitment – Beit Haverim membership represents a deeper connection with your spiritual community.

Beit Haverim is a dynamic Reform congregation, which has succeeded in creating an open, inviting, and spiritually-alive Jewish community.  Beit Haverim welcomes people all along the Jewish spectrum. Membership and participation in our congregation is open to Jews by Birth, Jews by Choice, and anyone with a connection to Judaism.

Over the years we've watched our children blossom into adults, secure in their Jewish identity. We've seen unaffiliated Jews, single members, and families of all types find kindred spirits and make enduring friendships. We've danced at weddings, rejoiced at namings, and cried together in times of loss. We've transcended religious differences and joined hands in interfaith worship. We welcome you to join us.

Our Mission ...

To provide meaningful opportunities for families and individuals to join together for Jewish education, celebration, tzedakah, and worship.

Our Driving Force...

Is a common desire for our families and children to share a sense of Jewish belonging which comes from hands on ownership.

Our Vision ...

Is a community where Jews by Birth, Jews by Choice, and Jews at Heart are accepted and feel a sense of belonging.  We honor the richness and tradition of Judaism in a manner that's accessible to everyone.

For more information call us at (503) 310-9184 or email the office.

MEMBER Handbook and FORMS

Membership Handbook
Membership Form

Access To Member's Only Secured Web Site

Go to
Click on Login in the upper right hand corner.
Click on the "here " in the "click here to register"
Enter a username and password and the rest of the requested information.
You will receive an email stating that your account is pending approval by the administrator.
After a short period of time you will get an email stating that your account has been approved.

After your account is approved:
Go to
Click on Login in the upper right hand corner.
Enter your user name and password.
Go to the About Us Menu.
Under About Us there are several menu options...Scroll down to Beit Haverim Members Only.