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Yom Shabbat, 1 Nisan 5778

Jerusalem Post
  1. Russia praises ‘West Jerusalem’ for not joining anti-Russia 'hysteria'

    For perhaps first time since declaring ‘West Jerusalem’ Israel's capital last year, Moscow refers to half of city as Israel's capital in formal statement
  2. The impending embassy move's effects on Israeli, Palestinian ties with U.S.

    The new US Embassy is expected to open its doors on May 14, the 70th anniversary of Israel’s declaration of independence.
  3. An interview with global counterterrorism expert Fiamma Nirenstein

    In a discussion with the Gatestone Institute, Nirenstein weighs in on Israel, Europe, the US, and their relationships with the rise in terrorism and the situation in the Middle East.
  4. Inside Hamas's southern Lebanon strategy

    An attempt by the Gaza terrorist group to build a post in South Lebanon has been foiled – for now.
  5. Russia compliments 'the wise position of West Jerusalem' in spy affair

    The State of Israel declined to mention Russia directly, opting instead to denounce the spy poisoning incident that took place in the UK.

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